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Press for Rock of Ages Las Vegas
"Rock of Ages sets a high bar for Las Vegas entertainment in 2013" -


"There was nothing but praise for the energetic kids in the cast... The voices are powerful. The actors are filled with unbridled enthusiasm and happiness... the new toast of the town. It's bigger, better and bolder than the Broadway original..." -Robin Leach with the Las Vegas Sun


Press for Joseph... at Summer Theatre of New Canaan

"... Dru Serkes is a solid Butler and also Issachar.." - CT Critics Circle


Press for My Fair Lady at Summer Theatre of New Canaan

"Dru Serkes and Katie Oxman... are each flexible and well defined in their roles, great dancers, and with real 'persona'" - Ridgelea Reports on Theatre


Press for Jersey Boys Nat'l Tour

"Special note: Hats off to Dru Serkes, that Zachary Quinto-lookin-mutha who knows his way around a kit."

"Dru Serkes... provide(s) poignancy, sex appeal and other seasonings to the story of the Four Seasons"

-DC Metro Theatre Arts


Press for Guys and Dolls Nat'l Tour

"...with the handsome-as-all-get-out Serkes lending his own velvet vocals to Rusty Charlie, 'Fugue for Tinhorns" is as trio-tastic a treat as it's ever been" -Steven Stanley with StageSceneLA


Press for Man of la Mancha Nat'l Tour

"Andrew Serkes guitar playing at the top of the show provided the first impressive ensemble moment" - KDHX


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